Content providers must use CNET Content Solutions' PartnerAccess portal to submit quality claims for SKUs that are sold through Staples.  

To submit quality claims through PartnerAccess:

1. Go to portal

2. Login

Enter your Login ID and Password.

3. Go to "Claims" tab

Click the "Claims" tab in the top navigation bar.

4. Click on the "Manufacturer Claims" tab

Click the "Manufacturer Claims" tab in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

5. Click on the "Submit New Claim" button

Click the "Submit New Claim" button on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

6. Fill out the claim details and priority

Fill out the claim details by including one or more product identifiers, priority, subject and description.

Please be as specific as possible in the description by indicating exactly what is factually incorrect about the content and needs to be corrected. If the quality claim applies to more than one product, please list all of the products it applies to in the Mfr Part # box.

Indicate the priority of the claim via the drop-down menu

Claim Priorities

Normal – The claim is urgent and needs to be corrected as soon as possible

High – The claim should be done first or need more attention than the others you’ve submitted

Critical – The claims is business critical and require an immediate action because of potential legal ramifications

We understand that all claims are important to get corrected, however, marking everything as critical will actually slow down the process rather than expediting it. Please use the status codes according to the descriptions above.

7. Drag and Drop Files

Drag’n’drop the file(s) you want to upload into the “Attach Files” box, or click on “Select” to view your files and select them.