Syndicated web content delivers product and promotional content directly to your website.

It is simple - To start syndicating on your website, simply browse the content menu, sign up for syndication service, and integrate the syndication code into your website.

  1. The content will automatically update as long as the code remains on your site, no manual updates required.
  2. Once content is integrated into a website, it automatically updates as new content becomes available.
  3. Syndicated content delivers critical information to end customers - and can contain many interesting interactive features - product information, comparison charts, and videos.
  4. Partners that syndicate grow faster and generate more revenue per quarter
  5. You don't have to localize or translation the content
  6. It's no cost to you
  7. You will get the latest and greatest marketing assets from the manufacturer...essentially for free
  8. Analytics will be available to you to help you decide on the most interactive content and ROI results.