There are many factors to be assessed to determine if an A/B test would be relevant or possible for your goals and your website.


If you don't meet all of the prerequisites, then the A/B test will not work:

  1. You must have the product page scripts installed across all products and categories on your site.
    1. If you call the script only on select products or manufacturers, then the test will be invalid.
  2. Your permission and ability to track the Add to Cart on your site.
    1. Typically, A/B tests are to test whether the content will increase sales.
    2. If you cannot track the sales, there is no reason to run an A/B test.
  3. Provide your site traffic numbers to determine the A/B test period.
    1. The duration of the test will depend on how much traffic your site has. A site that has 2 million hits per day can have a much shorter A/B test period than a site that only gets 5K hits per day.
    2. CNET can help determine the minimum duration needed based on your traffic patterns.
  4. You agree to allow CNET to conduct a whitepaper analysis.