Content will not be returned for the following reasons:

  1. Your account is not active - If you registered for any account, it takes 15 minutes for your account to be enabled.
  2. Unauthorized domain - The script will only work on domain URLs that have been authorized in your Company's Integration Settings. Click Admin -> Integration Settings to make sure you have listed all the possible domains where the script will be used.
  3. Content is not enabled - Go to My Services -> Edit an existing script to make sure the component is properly enabled.
  4. Missing DIV containers - make sure you have specified the container IDs for Inline Content. For example, make sure you have properly included <div id="ccs-inline-content"></div>.
  5. Product not in scope - You can only request content for skus in your authorized catalog.
  6. Language or market not in scope - If product content is not being returned for a particular language or market, this may be due to your account not authorized for the requested language or market. Contact Support to obtain more information.
  7. Content is not available in the requested language.
  8. Invalid Product Identifiers
    1. Verify you are sending the correct Manufacturer Name and Manufacturer Part Number. If you are sending cpn (Customer part number), you will need to make sure you have uploaded a catalog to the Catalogs section of the portal.
    2. Verify that the Manufacturer Name and Manufacturer Part Number does not contain any special characters and both parameters are properly URL encoded.
  9. Content Containers not present on your page - when you integrate the script, you must also make sure the content Containers with correct Container IDs exist on your page.