Sell more on Dell with rich inline content

Rich merchandising content is the quickest and easiest way to liven up and sell more of your products online.

CNET Content Solutions has provided a solution for formatting and syndicating this content along with your product information on Dell’s website.

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Key Features

  •   Web-based product content manager
  •   Easy Rich content editors with WYSIWYG
  •   Drag and Drop assets from folders or an existing web page
  •   360-spin and Flash Product Tours
  •   Image HotSpots
  •   Auto image resizing and optimization
  •   PDF Document management
  •   Web-based reporting metrics



Are TM logos and superscript supported?

Yes, they are. You can either copy and paste text with existing TM logo or utilize the superscript formatting option in the portal.

Can I reference or use hyperlinks or URLs to information on an external site?

Inserting hyperlinks or references to external sites are not permitted within the content you build.

Pages are QA’d and verified before they are published, so any content that contains hyperlinks or externally hosted content will not be published and may delay content going live.

Can I use HTML content when I am building a page?

You can use text that is wrapped in HTML formatting tags (such as bold, italics, line breaks, paragraph breaks), however the only formatting that will be recognized are those that are supported in the portal.

Fonts can only be formatted to italic, bold and underline but the font itself cannot be changed and the default fonts of the retailer site are used. This ensures all the content delivered into the retailer pages are consistent with the look and feel of the site.

How many images do I need to create a 360 Spin?

The minimum number of images required is 8, however, we recommend 12 or even 24 for the best experience and smoothest rotation that will best showcase your product.

What is ideal frames per second setting and spin time for 360s?

This depends on how many images you are uploading and what your preference is regarding the speed and the rotation duration, so it is often wise to test this and tweak accordingly.

A good starting point for the Frames per second setting is 5.

For a slower rotation decrease the frames per second and for a faster rotation increase the frames per second.

What is the appropriate file format for 360s?

Use lossless PNG format when possible.

What video formats are supported?

We support both .flv & .mp4 video formats, so please ensure your videos are encoded to one of these to ensure it can be uploaded and utilized.

Whilst the portal does say YouTube Videos are supported, these are not permitted on the website and content will not be published if it contains a YouTube video.

Which browsers are supported by the Inline Content Builder Portal?

Whilst we constantly modify and test to ensure the portal supports most known browsers, on occasion we have received feedback that some users using Internet Explorer sometimes experience issues.

If possible we would recommend either Firefox, Chrome or Safari are used to avoid any potential issue being experienced.


Why is my content not showing on the website?

There could be a few reasons for this and so we would recommend you check the following:

  • Check the portal and the status of your product. Only Products that show a green tick next to them will be live as these have been through our QA process.
  • Content must be set to “For Publish” and saved so that it is then reviewed by our QA Team.
  • It could be that the system is refreshing and the sever caches are being cleared. Also, sometimes your browser can cache pages, so we also recommend you clear browsing history and cache (or view the page incognito), to ensure this is not affecting the display of content recently published.

If you are still having difficulties in seeing your content and have been through the above checks/steps, please contact us via the support form on this page or in the portal.


Can more than one person work in the account at a time?

Yes, this is possible but be conscious that more than one person should not be working on the same product content at a time. This is simply because having two people working on the same product may cause conflicts and you will likely end up overwriting each other’s changes.

How do you get additional logins for other people/users?

Once you have access to your account, you can setup and invite additional users to your account via the user admin section.

Here you simply need to click on “Add User” and then insert the email address of the user you want to add. Once submitted the system will automatically send an invitation to the email address inserted, asking them to register.

What is the “Status” and what do they mean?

Draft – This is the default starting status and the status a product should be in whilst you are actively building the content.

For Review – This is the status that is applied to a product when our QA Team have identified an issue that has prevented the content from being allowed to be published.

For Publish – This is the status you should set the product to when you have completed the build and are ready for QA to review and publish to the live site.

Why is my content set to ‘For Review’ status?

If you see that your content has been set to “For Review” status in the portal, it is because our QA Team have identified either an issue with the content (copy, images, video) or there is a violation of the publishing rules (for example you have utilized a YouTube video or content contains hyperlinks).

You will be provided feedback on why the content has been set to this status to allow you to edit as required and then resubmit for approval.

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